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1st A.D.   TIME COP 2 - Universal Pictures - 2002  Director:  Steve Boyum, UPM:  Joe Genier, Producer:  Mike Elliot

As The X-Files was ending I got hired on a small movie called Time Cop 2.  The director was Steve Boyum who had directed the 2nd unit of Crazy Horse years ago in South Dakota.  The 1st A.D. was Rick Johnson.   Time Cop 2 had us going from 1895 to 2025 back to 1944 to 2002 and more in just 6 short weeks.   I started the show as the 2nd A.D. but when the 1st A.D. left the show  I became 1st A.D. for the final third of the show.  It was fun and challenging to work on a lower budget movie.  The cast made the movie even more enjoyable.  Jason Scott Lee and Thomas Ian Griffith were the good and bad guys. Oh, and I had a small part!  They need somebody to dress up as a Female Nazi Intelligence Officer.   Luckily I didnt have to speak.  Its the first scene of the movie too!





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