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Another 48 Hrs
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Production Assistant .- ANOTHER 48 HRS - Paramount Pictures - 1989-90 Director: Walter Hill, UPM: Ralph Singleton, 1st A.D.: James Dyer, 2nd A.D.s: Barry Thomas, Mark Cotone.

Walter Hill's next movie was Another 48 Hrs., which Jim Dyer was going to be 1st A.D. again, and Barry Thomas as the 2nd A.D. Our Unit Production Manager was Ralph Singleton. Walter loves to keep the same crew with him and his shows are like working with your family. We began the show in Baker, California. A place so small that we all had to bunk up in the few motels they had in town for us! We were out in the sand dunes for a few days, then headed up to Folsom Prison up in northern California. After a couple of weeks on the road we returned to Los Angeles and finished up the show in local locations around town such as the nightlife in downtown L.A.




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