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Johnny Handsome
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Production Assistant .- JOHNNY HANDSOME - Carolco Pictures - 1988-89 Director: Walter Hill, UPM: Ted Kurdyla, 1st A.D.: James Dyer, 2nd A.D.s: Barry Thomas, Kathy Rozell

The next movie was another Walter Hill movie, "Johnny Handsome", once again with Jim Dyer as my 1st A.D and Barry Thomas as the 2nd A.D. Jim made a deal for me that I would be taken on location even as a Production Assistant. We were off to Louisiana for the first part of the show. We spent time in New Orleans and a few days in the Louisiana State Prison. My job was still working on the schedule and taking care of the cast at base camp. The film starred Mickey Rourke, Morgan Freeman, Ellen Barkin and Forest Whitaker.




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