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2nd 2nd A.D..- LEAP OF FAITH (2nd Unit) - Paramount Pictures - 1992 Director: Richard Pearce, UPM: Burt Bluestein, 1st A.D.: Doug Metzger, 2nd A.D.: Linda Brachman.

As I finished up "Sommersby" I got a call from Texas. My dad was working on a movie there called "Leap of Faith" and the producer, Ralph Singleton, was looking for a 2nd A.D. to work on the 2nd Unit of the show. Instead of heading back home to California I ended up in Amarillo, Texas. My 1st A.D. was John Hockridge and in the 100+ degrees of Groom, Texas we shot around town and fields in our cowboy hats and had a good time. After Amarillo, the company moved to Dallas, Texas to shoot the huge tent scenes with 1000 extras and many, many cast members. I continued to work on the 1st Unit helping to run the cast and extras.




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