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Crazy Horse
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1st A.D. .- CRAZY HORSE (2nd Unit) - Sioux Country Productions (TNT) - 1995 Director: John Irvin, Steve Boyum, UPM: Cleve Landsberg

Tom Archuleta called me one day and said "Are you eligible to be a 1st A.D. yet?". I hadn't turned in my paperwork but suddenly rushed to do it. He was inviting me to work on a TNT movie in South Dakota as the 1st A.D. on 2nd unit/2nd 2nd A.D. on 1st Unit. I became eligible and off I went to "Crazy Horse". Our 2nd unit went from fishing for bloody hats down the river to shooting huge battles with Soldiers and Indians on horseback to burning Indian villages and buffalo hunts. We climbed many hills and walked through the wilds while it was 100 degrees or snow was falling. We slept in tents and showered in modified flatbeds for the 1st ten days of the show.



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