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Mad Men - Season 2
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1st A.D. - MAD MEN - UROK Productions/AMC - 2007/2008, Producer: Scott Hornbacher, UPM: Dwayne Shattuck

After the season of "Raising the Bar" ended, "Mad Men" needed someone to fill in for the last couple episodes. It became what I called my summer job again. This 2nd season was all set in 1962 and brought up many of the issues of that year. The show has continually been nominated for many awards including a Director's Guild Award for one of the episodes that I had the opportunity to work. Because the director, Matt Weiner, was nominated, the assistant directors were also nominated for the DGA Awards as part of his team. We all attended the Dinner but "Mad Men" didn't win. In September 2009, the same episode of "Mad Men" - "Meditations in an Emergency", did win an Emmy for writing and the series won best drama.



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