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1ST/2ND A.D. .- PRISON BREAK - 20th Century Fox TV - 2006 - 2007
Exec Prod: Kevin Hooks, Producer: Garry Brown, UPM: Ellen Blum.

Working on the television show "Prison Break", season two of the television series was the next adventure. I headed off to Dallas, Texas where I heard the "prisoners" had escaped! I spent the next 10 months in Dallas…or every suburb/town/field/railroad track/lake remotely near Dallas! We made it close to Oklahoma and even flew to Pensacola, Florida for the show finale. It was the hottest place I've ever been and the coldest place I've ever been but a wonderful adventure, with a great crew and cast. Such a great crew that I organized an "Academy Awards" luncheon with music, lights, awards of excellence and more. It was a show I'll never forget and hope to work with those folks in Dallas again one day.



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