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1st A.D./Key 2nd A.D. .- THE X-FILES (2nd Unit) - Fox Television - 1998-2001 UPM/Producer: Harry Bring, Producer: Bernadette Caulfield

"The X-Files" television show moved to Los Angeles and was going to have a 2nd Unit. Harry Bring began as the 1st AD/UPM on the job and asked me to come be his 2nd A.D. As the show got bigger and the 2nd Unit got huge, Harry became only the UPM and I filled in as 1st A.D. as needed. Now I'm beginning my 3rd season on "The X-Files" 2nd Unit as 2nd A.D. Every show is different with a new kind of alien or extraterrestrial experience! We've blown up buildings, had great car chases and have morphed people into aliens. We've watched bugs crawl out of bodies and filmed zombies awaken and dance. Who knows what's next!




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